Saturday, 24 February 2007

Time and us

"Our destiny exercises its influence over us even when, as yet, we have not learned its nature: it is our future that lays down the law of our today." (Friedrich Nietzsche)


the past contains the being of what has been,
which must not be reduced to what we remember;
for what has been and, without leaving discernible traces,
has been forgotten by everyone,
has been nevertheless,
and will forever have BEEN


if the past is not of irrevocable nature,
if its unalterability is changing by the history we tell,
and we can make it whatever we want -
then memories of the past might be desires of the future,
and preceding experiences might be nothing but dreams
and possibilities still to come


if there is something like fate,
if the way we walk is already marked,
linear, predestined,
then past and future are timewise equivalent and
as much real as the NOW,
all of them existing at the same time


a simultaneous existence in time
throws us back to the only reality we have:
the NOW in an empty space,
and we are creating our way
with every step we take.

future solely comprises possibilities;
it can either be understood as a homogenuous continuation
of the past being, or as an empty space
for whatever may come -

as an unlimited open space of potentialities
before the present decision,
restricted to the logical consequences of our actions,

or as a determined part of a predestined fate,
traced out ever since,
no matter what we do.

but it could also be pure arbitrariness,
sheer coincidence,
in the void of the illusions of time.

and presence!

the moment of our only true meeting with the world,
the moment of our ascent towards being by means of freedom -

what the world is and what i am
might be a result of the past, or
of my imagination, or of a strange chance,
or even of fate;

but what i can make it, hic et nunc, is depending on nobody
but myself, is coming into being
through myself, an absolute presence created
by myself.

crossways through time towards this flash of light:
the moment that is eternity.


Doug Bauman said...

This is the version I have:

Yesterday AND today.

These two together can build a tomorrow.

Interestingly, when was young, I traveled to Nashville, and participated in a novelty, to sing your favorite song. At that time it was "Yesterday". My voice on that amusement tape was not as appealing as the Beatles version, but in retrospect it is an interesting memory: Today

Yesterday and Today.

all that, "And Your Bird Can Sing"

poetography - words and vibes said...

ha! interesting. i hadn't even known this album existed ( an u.s.-only version, probably)...

yesterday. and today. and within these, surely: a tomorrow, in which some bird will keep singing its song.

(and you have been singing "yesterday" in a nashville singing contest? cool. i've never managed to sing thats song, even though i've tried many times as a teenager when strummign campfire songs on my guitar. the voice has to climb up too high for my creaky vocal chords to manage... ;-))


Doug Bauman said...

Actually, according to my daughter, my voice is quite bad, but I like to sing anyway, and I think I can keep in tune, juggling low notes for high when the dynamic range stretches too far.

poetography - words and vibes said...

same with me (daughter comments; singing anyway; kinda keeping in tune; juggling low notes for high)... ;-)

funny. must be a juggler thing...