Thursday, 27 September 2007

the wondrous moment in between....

inside your dream
you awaken
to give rise to
inside floods of

in a dance
of warm winds
and dark soft voices

in the center of a
sphere without perimeter
then create
flaming rivers
nile songs thick
with ancient honey
its silent refrain exploding
as firefalls spin

your heart beats into existence
the rapture of drunken dreams
the wild meeting of breaths:

the ur-seed of wisdom
the well of light

universes you give birth to
and are born from

Wednesday, 19 September 2007


this buzzing silence
holding its breath - sweet
the arvid murmur of
last skythes

smoke wed to glow
coupling with the
dying sun that perfects
the sleep of clouds

the undevoured light
ebbs to sustenance

in the fissures
of decaying dreams
embering to the lip
of a nomadic sky: earth
from which my voice

eyes sleep in soil
fruit ripens
in the vacant lots
of solstice
heat recedes

light escapes
through the interval