Tuesday, 6 February 2007

light and colour

is the radiating
flowing ur-substance
is pure consciousness
is living, seeing energy

when consciousness manifests itself
it becomes radiance and seeing,
subject and object,
and out of the energy of its
inherent creative wisdom
it creates the whole universe
in the act of refraction and condensation

creation is projection and refraction
of a ray of consciousness
into the limited form of
time and space

and just as light is the ur-image
of the all-permeating consciousness,
colour is is the reflection
and expression of life

welling up from the depths of
universal consciousness
reflected on the world's surface

just as the soul, colour is
the connection between material
and spiritual world

light, darkness and colour -
a trinity just as spirit
body, soul

colour mirrors the struggle of the soul
with the forces of light
and darkness

it shows its tension and motion
its searching, longing and joy;
harmony and conflict, sadness and enlightenment,
purity and impurity

colours are the
"deeds and sorrows of light",
as goethe says

soul reflects colour
colour reflects soul

they pour into each other
without end
or beginning

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