Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Ex Is t?

how can i be sure you exist, you ask?


possible answer no 1):
to come to a decision in that respect, we must define the term "existence" first.

possible answer no 2):
sure enough to write to you and meet you for virtual champagne every now and then!

possible answer no 3):
of course i am not sure. how can i know? you might as well just be a figure in a dream, an actor on a screen, a mind's imagination scheme...

possible answer no 4):
absolutely sure. esse est percipi, and i definitely am perceiving you, so therefore, you are.

possible answer no 5):
the only one who can prove that you exist are you, because your own self-perception is the only proof of your existence. can you feel yourself being?

possible answer no 6):
you do not exist. i've made you up. sorry to tell you, but you've asked...

possible answer no 7):
you do exist. since nothing doesn't exist, and minus and minus is plus, it must be true that something exists. since you are not nothing, you must be something, therefore, you exist.

possible answer no 8):
i've dreamed you into existence, so you exist.

possible answer no 9):
hit yourself on your head as hard as you can while being alone. if somebody screams "ouch!", this is a proof that you exist.

possible answer no 10):
you are existence.

possible answer no 11):
existence is you.

possible answer no 12):
cogiti, ergo es. or, wait... how can i be sure you are really thinking?
cogito, ergo sum, ergo es...

possible answer no 13):
who fucking cares? it seems you exist, for both of us, and that's nice enough, so what... ? ;-))))

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